Repeatedly, words shared in Compassion Blogger ‘One Word’ blog posts for 2017 have proven to be passionate, honest and hopeful. So in this New Year we want your words to shape this year’s writing prompts and shape how you advocate for children in poverty!

The word ‘theme’ for this month comes from Compassion Blogger, Ross Moore and his word for 2017, ‘Why.’

To quote Ross,

“Over the past year, it has become clear to me that I need to know more about why I’m doing something. Why do I make the rules that I do for my children? Why do I workout? (or, why don’t I workout?) Why do I respond to this-and-that situation in the way that I do?”

Understanding our whys help us better identify the motives and longings of our heart. So this month let’s explore the whys related to advocating for children in poverty.

  1. Why is advocating for children in poverty important to you? Share your personal story of why you want to use your blog for little ones in need.
  2. Why this child? Why did you choose your particular sponsored child?
  3. Why Compassion? You could have chosen any child sponsorship organization to blog for, so why Compassion?

Not sparked by any of those? Choose your own ‘why’ question and blog about it.