2016 with all of it’s gifts and challenges is almost over. It feels like we were just talking about about the tradition of one word but that was 12 months ago and we are getting ready to step into 2017!

Did you live out your ‘One Word’ this year? Or, are you ending the year with a completely different word than you started out with?


While words may change or take on a different meaning than expected, it is still a special thing to start out the new year with a sacred place to jump from – a place for you and the One who loves you most.

As in years past, we hope that this year you will…

  1. Find a quiet spot to pray
  2. Ask God for your word for 2017
  3. Write a blog post sharing your word. Encourage your readers to discover their own word.
  4. After January 2nd go to the Compassion Blog and share your ‘One Word’ blog post in the comments.

As you wrap up 2016 and step into 2017, may the Father shape your heart in a way that is both sacred and beautiful.

Happy New Year!!