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We know that writing about a topic like children in poverty can be overwhelming or even a bit intimidating. We’ve got tons of blog post ideas to help you get started. Many of our blog post ideas will challenge you to grow in your own faith even as you challenge others to get involved on behalf of children in poverty.

As you begin writing about children in poverty, you will no doubt be changed along the way. Let our blog post ideas spark your creativity and through your posts move both you and your readers to action.

Our blog post ideas are inspired by all sorts of things – trips we take, stories we hear from the field, stories we hear from sponsors, news reports, Bible verses, special funding needs, and so much more. And don’t worry … if you miss one assignment, just wait for the next. As long as you’re writing we’ll keep them coming.

With so much happening around the world through Compassion’s ministry, you can bet we’ll never run short on blog post ideas. Sign up to receive our assignments today and get blogging!

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Current Writing Prompts

The Ongoing Impact of Our Words

Repeatedly, words shared in Compassion Blogger ‘One Word’ blog posts for 2017 have proven to be passionate, honest and hopeful. So in this New Year we want your words to shape this year’s writing prompts and shape how you advocate for children in poverty!

The word ‘theme’ for this month comes from Compassion Blogger, Ross Moore and his word for 2017, ‘Why.’

To quote Ross,

“Over the past year, it has become clear to me that I need to know more about why I’m doing something. Why do I make the rules that I do for my children? Why do I workout? (or, why don’t I workout?) Why do I respond to this-and-that situation in the way that I do?”

Understanding our whys help us better identify the motives and longings of our heart. So this month let’s explore the whys related to advocating for children in poverty.

  1. Why is advocating for children in poverty important to you? Share your personal story of why you want to use your blog for little ones in need.
  2. Why this child? Why did you choose your particular sponsored child?
  3. Why Compassion? You could have chosen any child sponsorship organization to blog for, so why Compassion?

Not sparked by any of those? Choose your own ‘why’ question and blog about it.

Past Writing Prompts

The Words We Live By

2016 with all of it’s gifts and challenges is almost over. It feels like we were just talking about about the tradition of one word but that was 12 months ago and we are getting ready to step into 2017! Did you live out your ‘One Word’ this year? Or, … Read More →

#GivingTuesday 2016: Children in Haiti Still Need Us

Long after the winds and rain from Hurricane Matthew have stopped and long after the news media has stopped reporting about the after-effects of this storm, the children of Haiti still need our help. The devastation that Hurricane Matthew caused is extensive and it will take many, many months (if … Read More →

Being Intentional this Summer

Life seems to set a new tempo during the summer months. The usual rushed Sunday that includes getting out the door for church, running all the errands and doing all the laundry…it all of a sudden doesn’t seem as urgent. That picnic at the park that was scheduled for one … Read More →

Give a Gift Card, Change a Life

This month we are excited to share a new idea with you – CardFunder.  From the CardFunder site: Crowd Funding has become a powerful tool in helping people around the world raise money to pursue their passions. Compassion is introducing an entirely new take on that idea-CardFunding. Thanks to an … Read More →

Hope for Your Writing

For nearly 9 years we have watched our Compassion Blogger Network grow. We have been blessed by your posts, your encouragement during trips, and most of all how serious you take the call to use your gifts for God’s glory. Quite simply, your writing has been, and is, helping people. … Read More →

The Rallying Cry of Community

We have said it before and will keep saying it, We are more than a blogger network. We are a community of voices for vulnerable children living in poverty. A community that loves Jesus, encourages others and has a great sense of humor. And that was never more evident than … Read More →

Compassion Bloggers Are in Ecuador This Week!

The team of Compassion Bloggers are officially in Ecuador! Many beautiful stories are waiting to be discovered this week. Some will make you laugh and if you’re anything like me, a few will make you cry! There are multiple ways to follow this trip and to get involved this week. … Read More →

The Tradition of One Word – What’s Yours?

In 2009 we started a Compassion tradition. A tradition that focused on one word. Through the years we’ve shared words with one another like hope, perseverance and His love for us. God’s “word whispers” have revealed our longing to be closer to Him, to grow as His children and to … Read More →

A Fun Birthday Writing Prompt

We recently created a new and really fun sponsor a child page that features children who have a birthday on the very day you click on the page! And what better way to share this page than to write a post about a favorite birthday memory. Ask your readers to … Read More →

Let’s Help Kids Go Back to School

In honor of the glorious back-to-school season we want to help as many children as possible receive the benefits of an education. Because can any of us imagine what life would be like without an education? Without “back-to-school” memories? Here are three ideas to help you with this month’s writing … Read More →

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

This image is one that perfectly embodies the work of Compassion. The poverty is there, staring you right in the face, but poverty doesn’t get to be the focal point of this photo. The radiance of this little boy and his toy truck do. Staring into the photo, can’t you … Read More →

The Step Into My Shoes Blog Wants YOU!

The Compassion International Advocacy team’s new blog, Step Into My Shoes was created for those who want to learn more about the issue of poverty and what they can do to make a difference in the lives of the poor. And that’s where you, the Compassion Bloggers Network comes in. … Read More →

Spending Time with the Father

As you write this month, make this a special time between you and God your Father. Perhaps you’ll want to go to a coffee shop for a writing date with Him. Or, grab a favorite beverage, put on your comfiest clothes and find a quiet place in the house to … Read More →

An Open Letter to Your Mom

We’d like to invite you to write an open letter on your blog to your mom. Or an open letter to the woman who raised you.   You can write about one specific memory that you always carry with you. Or you can write about all the ways she’s been … Read More →

Follow the Dominican Republic Blog Trip

There are multiple ways to follow the Compassion Bloggers in the Dominican Republic and to get involved this week. First, we are asking for prayer. PRAYER Throughout the week, take a few minutes to visit each blog and get to know the Compassion Bloggers team better and pray for them. … Read More →

The Story Behind the Gift

Canadian airline WestJet headed to the Dominican Republic this year granting Christmas wishes for families living in poverty. Their video was very touching. Being advocates for children in poverty – including children in the Dominican Republic — we can see the “back-story” of the men, women and children in this … Read More →


On December 2nd, we want to help fund and launch a brand new Child Survival Program in India – ALL IN ONE DAY, #GivingTuesday! For the first time ever, we are asking the entire Compassion family to take #GivingTuesday action and raise $25,000 for moms and babies in India. Why … Read More →

What Does it Mean to be a Child of God?

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” (Mark 10:15) We often … Read More →

Join the Compassion Bloggers Facebook Community

To help us better connect with one another, we’ve created a closed Facebook group* where we, as a community, can meet, create new friendships and support one another in our blogging endeavors. The benefits of this community? Get to know other bloggers Share your blog posts with the community Need … Read More →

Back-to-School Fun

Choose one or several of these photos for your blog post and have fun with them! Some ideas on how to use them? Choose one photo to share on your blog. Have a caption contest with your readers. Tell your readers a funny or touching school-related story either about yourself … Read More →

What Inspires You?

Caitlin Jane is a Compassion Artist and new member of the Blogger Network. When visiting her sponsored child in the Dominican Republic she was inspired to write the song, Sing Over Us. It is a life-giving tribute to her sponsored child! As sponsors we all get inspired to write — … Read More →

The Compassion Bloggers Rewards Program: You’re Doing Something Great!

You made last August’s launch of the Compassion Bloggers Rewards Program a success and you’ll be excited to know that we will be doing it again this year! Compassion Bloggers Rewards Program Participants For those of you already participating in the program this is what you can expect, All sponsorships … Read More →


MyCompassionSunday is a simple way for you to share your sponsorship story online and invite friends and family to sponsor a child. And, you don’t have to wait for Compassion Sunday – you can create your page anytime this year! To do this, all you need to is: Go to … Read More →

A New Way to Share Compassion

There’s lots of great stuff on the Internet that makes us laugh or cry but every once in a while there’s that one photo, or one video that comes along and really grabs your heart. Like this video. This one grabbed onto my heart and won’t let go… Many of … Read More →

Super Typhoon Hits Philippines

It’s with heavy hearts that we are reaching out to you about an urgent need. As you are probably aware the Philippines was hit by Super Typhoon Haiyan last week causing much destruction and devastation. News agencies are reporting that Haiyan was three and a half times more powerful than … Read More →

Assignment 4 of Blog Month

A Quote on Poverty Here we are! The last week of Blog Month. It has been my great prayer that God used this month to challenge you in your writing. To draw more near to Him as you ponder the assignments. And ultimately that you would choose to be used … Read More →

Assignment 3 of Blog Month

The Story Behind the Picture Here we are! We made it to the halfway point of Blog Month. Two weeks down. Two weeks to go. It’s time for your third writing prompt of Blog Month. For all you storytellers out there, this one’s for you. Assignment 3 of Blog Month … Read More →

Assignment 2 of Blog Month 2013

Three Things about One Word It’s week two of Blog Month. You didn’t waste anytime last week, either. Several submissions have come through! Be encouraged. You are coming alongside bloggers everywhere to help children in poverty. Assignment 2 of Blog Month: For assignment two we want you to write three … Read More →

Blog Month 2013 Assignment 1

A Conversation with Your Childhood Self It’s here. September 1 was the official launch of Blog Month. Have you made the commitment to join us as we pursue getting 3,160 children sponsored via the web this month? We hope so! Need a little inspiration? Watch the Blog Month video on … Read More →

Blog Month 2013

Did you miss it?! The announcement made yesterday over on the blog? If so, I just wanted to email you and let you know it’s back 🙂 Blog Month. This year we’re doing things a little different based on feedback we received from you last year. But the goal hasn’t … Read More →

Introducing a Way to Track Sponsorships

If you were at the Twitter party last night, thank you so much! We love partying it up with you! If not, no worries. We’ve got the secret announcement right here in this email. We have officially launched the Compassion Bloggers Rewards Program. A program that allows you to request … Read More →

It’s a Photo Scavenger Hunt – Complete with Prizes

Are you on Instagram? I am! I’m not ready to say that I am obsessed with Instagram. But I’m getting there. (Small steps.) Know who else is on Instagram? Compassion. And we’ve been there for two years as of today! If you’re thinking, “Insta…what?” Here is a small explanation: Instagram … Read More →

Follow the Nicaragua Blog Trip and Enter to Win a Prize

Are you ready for this email? There are so many incredible things to share with you! First, beginning today four of our bloggers will be in Nicaragua. Welcome to the summer 2013 Blog Trip! This is a week dedicated to spreading the news about children in poverty. Our bloggers in … Read More →

What Would it Be Like to Raise a Child in Desperate Poverty?

This Sunday, May 12 is Mother’s Day. What better way to celebrate mothers than a blog post tribute? And a link-up, of course! Today, over on the Compassion blog, we have a guest post from Rachel Martin. Rachel blogs at Finding Joy and she is passionate about motherhood. Her post … Read More →

A Creative Writing Assignment for World Malaria Day

What would you say if you found out today that a child you know contracted a disease that could lead to death? But you did some research and you found out this disease has a cure. And by cure I mean, this child does not have to die. There is … Read More →

MyCompassionSunday and a Link-Up

You know what time of year it is? It’s Compassion Sunday time. We are one month away from the official Compassion Sunday date, April 21. And this year, we have a way people can participate online without having to make any sort of presentation at church or in a small … Read More →

Which Bible Verse Prompts and Guides You to Serve Others?

I recently attended a blog conference and was impressed with the camaraderie and networking that took place. This got me thinking about ways I could help you with your blogging and the ideas you want to share with others. What could I possibly do to help you succeed? Introducing: A … Read More →

What Does Giving Look Like?

It’s week two of our #ItsAboutGiving campaign. #ItsAboutGiving is about painting a complete picture of giving this holiday season. It’s also about raising $20,000 for children in poverty this Christmas. Help us reach this goal and you may win a $50 gift for you sponsored child. BLOGGING ASSIGNMENT What Does … Read More →

What Does Giving Mean to You?

It’s time to get this party started. The #itsaboutgiving party, of course! #ItsAboutGiving kicked-off yesterday and over the next 19 days I will be sending out three assignments all about giving. This is officially the first assignment. Your role is vital. BLOGGING ASSIGNMENT #ItsAboutGiving is all about painting a complete … Read More →

Follow the Compassion Bloggers in Peru

It’s that time again! A few of our bloggers are headed to Peru and we need you to travel along…from the comfort of your home! Next week, these bloggers will be traveling around Peru, experiencing firsthand the daily challenges of children in poverty and witnessing how Compassion works in their … Read More →

Fourth & Final Assignment of Blog Month

It’s time to wrap up Blog Month but not without one last effort. For this assignment, we want you to blog as if you are a sponsored child. God told us to become like little children. Remember? This assignment is about aligning with the heart of children in poverty. Write … Read More →

Spread the Word: It’s a Pinterest Contest

Ding. Ding. Ding. It’s round three. Do you pin? If you have no idea what I mean by that then you should create a Pinterest account. Go ahead. And, you’re welcome (you won’t regret this). Pinterest is awesome! Ok, now you’re a pinner. Hello, pinner. This week, we’re running a … Read More →

A Letter to God about Child Sponsorship

It’s week number two during Blog Month, which means it’s time for another assignment. For some of you, talking about child sponsorship is second nature. You talk about it all the time to your family, your friends, your co-workers, maybe even your cat 🙂 What about to God? For this … Read More →

First Assignment of Blog Month

SEND YOUR READERS TO THE SPONSOR A CHILD PAGE Here it is, the first official assignment of Blog Month, an assignment designed to keep our goal (3,108 children) right in front of us. For this assignment, we want you to send as many of your blog readers as possible to … Read More →

September is Blog Month at Compassion

I have been jumping at the opportunity to send you this email; jumping for a little over one month now. It is my privilege to announce that next month is officially Blog Month at Compassion. What is Blog Month? It’s a robust month of blogging, prizes, giveaways, and getting more … Read More →

Can You Survive on $1.25?

Could you survive on less than $1.25 a day? Survive125 is a game brought to you by 58:, a global initiative to end extreme poverty by living out Isaiah 58. And Compassion is part of the 58: Alliance. In Survive125, you are asked to make the daily decisions nearly 1.3 … Read More →

Compassion Bloggers in Tanzania

I hope you have packed and are ready for an adventure! Are you already making a mental list? toothbrush safari hat some source of emergency coffee (maybe that’s just on my list?) a desire for little to no sleep (believe me, I’ve been on these trips; sleep is a mythical … Read More →

Six-Year-Old Fatao Needs Heart Surgery

It was just last week that I emailed you an assignment and in fact, the contest from that assignment is still running! (But will conclude by end of day today.) So, why are you hearing from me so soon again? I am reaching out to you on behalf of Fatao. … Read More →