Philippines 2011

May 29-June 4, 2011 our team of Compassion Bloggers witnessed and wrote about the ministry of Compassion International to children living in the Philippines.

Our Trips: Philippines 2011

About This Trip May 12 — June 4, 2011

May 29-June 4, 2011 our team of Compassion Bloggers witnessed and wrote about the ministry of Compassion International to children living in the Philippines.

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Is Compassion International a Good Investment? A Husband’s Perspective.

Growth in business does not happen by accident. Everything you do matters. Everything.

This is the most obvious in a start-up. I run a small music school and I have to be meticulous about where I invest it’s money. Every dollar I spend has the ability to either harm my business or cause it to grow. I look for creative opportunities to get what the business needs at low cost, track my marketing expenses and revenues to determine the most advantageous methods of advertising, and generally do everything I can to eliminate waste and increase efficiency.

In other words, I’m trying to be a faithful steward of my businesses resources so that it can grow to be a blessing to many more people (yes, including myself and my family).

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This Crazy Hope

Iwas really kind of terrified to come on this trip. But you already know that. Exactly one week ago, I zipped up my suitcase for the final time, stuck that blue Compassion tag on it, turned around to look at The Man, and burst into tears. Just now, I zipped up my suitcase again, only this time, I’m going home. The tears aren’t bursting like they did before I left; rather, it’s a slow trickle as the Filipino children have crowded their way into my heart, crowding out everything else.

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The Hands And Feet Of The Gospel

Our Philippines experience comes to a close today. It is a bittersweet moment, for I have truly seen the love of Christ in action and don’t want to forget the beauty of this work. Since the age of sixteen, I have dreamed of coming to the Philippines after reading my first missionary account of a nineteen year old girl who served here. One door opened after graduation only to be quickly shut. And now, this week, that dream was fulfilled and I got to witness firsthand the dreams of others being fulfilled.

I have witnessed extreme poverty, simple faith, joyful worship and abundant laughter.

I have seen children given hope, the love of Jesus, and the ability to grow, flourish, and make a difference in their nation.

I have seen solid national churches partner together with the work of Compassion to bring the hands of Christ to their communities.

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How to Pry Open Swollen Eyes

I’ve been hugged more this week than I probably have in the last year. I love it, but really? I’m just getting to the point where I want to go home and hug my own kids.

Ready to go home or not, this week has been full of good times…

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Now That You Know, What Will You Do?

Today I met two supermodels. Not really. But holy cow, aren’t these two sisters gorgeous? These two girls are sponsored by two separate Australian families with Compassion here in the Philippines. Aira, on the left, is 17 and hopes to become a teacher. Dhesthile, on the right, is 13 and is mostly happy playing volleyball.

They both help lead worship in their dilapidated shell of a church in an area here called The Island. They call it that because several times a year, houses are flooded up to their waists.

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