Blog for a Cause

Did you know that your blog can make a real difference in the world? You can blog for a cause with Compassion and start speaking up on behalf of children in poverty. When you join the Compassion Blogger network and blog for a cause, you will become a part of something much bigger than yourself.

When you join the Compassion Blogger network, you join thousands of other bloggers who have chosen to blog for a cause. As a part of the network, you write about the needs of children in poverty and offer your readers the opportunity to get involved in changing the world for children in poverty.

When you blog for a cause like speaking up for children in poverty, you write with purpose. Your blog has focus. Your posts are about more than yourself – they’re about making a lasting difference in God’s Kingdom.

Join the Compassion Blogger network today, start writing and watch your blog transform into a blog for a cause.

Join the Network

Blogging about children in poverty can be a simple but powerful way to raise awareness for the most vulnerable and needy children in the world.

Sign up to be a Compassion Blogger today! You will receive assignments once to twice a month via email with different topics on poverty that you can blog about. These assignments help get the creative juices flowing and are packed with ideas on how you can raise awareness for children in poverty through your blog.

Join the over 2,000 bloggers today who are allowing God to

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