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Compassion has created a network of Christian bloggers who have a heart for children in poverty and a desire to change the world. Using the unique platform of their personal blogs, these Christian bloggers share with their readers the reality of life for a child in poverty and explain how they can make a difference.

A blog is a unique and effective way to share the plight of children in poverty. Because it is so personal, these Christian bloggers are able to relate on an emotional level with their readers when they share about Compassion’s ministry. This emotional connection is an important representation of the personal relationship between a sponsor and a child.

Along with being relational, Compassion International is a ministry built on trust and integrity. Our sponsors trust us to steward their money and care for their sponsored children. Our Christian bloggers play an important role in building this trust with sponsors. Their firsthand reports of our ministry around the world help sponsors who aren’t able to visit to understand how their money is making a difference.

Do you have a blog? Do you have a heart for children in poverty? Join these Christian bloggers and start using your blog to make a difference in the world.

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