Blogging for Compassion

Throughout this web site, you’ll find so many ways to make a difference for children in poverty, but blogging for Compassion is one of the most creative. You use your personal blog, writing what you want and how you want, to share with others about the needs of children living in poverty. Once you begin blogging for Compassion, you’ll quickly see how it’s the perfect medium for you to express your personal passion to speak up on behalf of children in poverty.

Already there are thousands of bloggers out there blogging for Compassion. Each blogger has committed to using his or her blog as a platform to raise awareness of the plight of children in poverty.

Blogging for Compassion will come easily to some, but for others, speaking up on behalf of the poor is a bit more challenging. Don’t let the topic of global poverty overwhelm you … we’ve got some great ideas of how to share Compassion with your readers.

If you don’t already, will you consider blogging for Compassion? Your life will be changed. In fact, it’s hard to think of a more rewarding way to use your influence in the blogosphere.

Who is Blogging for Compassion?

These bloggers are committed to posting about children in poverty and have signed up to be Compassion Bloggers. Have you already signed up and blogged for Compassion but are not included on this list? E-mail [email protected] Please understand that although the bloggers below have signed up to be Compassion Bloggers, we are not responsible for the content they publish. Our linking to them does not necessarily mean we endorse, support or agree with what you’ll find there.