Nicaragua 2013

Journey with the Compassion Bloggers to Nicaragua June 18-22, 2013 and experience Compassion International’s ministry to children through pictures, stories and videos.
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Our Trips: Nicaragua 2013

About This Trip June 17–22, 2013

Journey with the Compassion Bloggers to Nicaragua June 18-22, 2013 and experience Compassion International’s ministry to children through pictures, stories and videos.

Are you a blogger interested in traveling with Compassion Bloggers in the future? Let us know here.

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Never Forget Us

Morning came early for me on Sunday.  Like REAL early.

At 3:45 am, I crawled out of bed to get ready to go home.  My body ached, my eyes stung, and my head felt foggy.

I was a whole-bunch-of-something, but I don’t know what.  Excited to go home and see my family, yet sad to leave the beautiful children of Nicaragua.

My precious roomie, Edie, and I moved around slowly as we tried to apply a little bit of life to our faces and enjoy one last messy bun moment together.

Wanting to crawl back into bed and yet wanting to fly like superman home, we finally packed everything up and headed down to the hotel lobby.

My other Compassion buddies were there waiting for us, and we joined them in their quiet, half-asleep chatter.

K0rina, our Compassion Tours and Visits Specialist  from Nicaragua told us it was time to get on the van to head to the airport.  We moved toward the van like a slow moving herd of cattle and plopped our exhausted bodies into the seats.

Still in a sleepy daze, we began the long road home.

Right before we approached the airport, Korina turned around and said she had something to say.

She told us how much this trip of Compassion bloggers meant to the children of Nicaragua…how much she has enjoyed working with us…how the children will never be the same because of the work that Compassion does.

Then she began thanking us for coming to Nicaragua and for loving on the children.  She thanked us for sharing the children’s stories with all of our readers all over the world.

It was really hard for me to accept her thank you’s.  It is always hard to receive them when you know will all your heart that you received way more than you gave.

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The Cost of Being A Sponsor

I’ve been keeping watch. Pacing footsteps. Counting heart-mends.

Not heartbreaks. Even though Nicaragua brought heart splits, tear drops, knees bent.

the cost

the cost_

the cost

I’ve been holding breath. Thinking…

And when all the pain swelled and heaped up to yield His last exhale, I wonder if the world stood quiet, and in unison took in one long inhale. Standing. Also holding breath. Waiting for His return.

But don’t we know? Release costs.

Release from apathy. Release from self-thought. Release from sin.

Our release cost the Father His only Son. By way of His broken, holy, sacrificed body.

Release costs. It always costs.

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Because He Loves Me


She held on to me the entire day. Always one hand close by, around my shoulder, patting my knee, clasping my hands. All day long she was showing love to me through her touch. That is a powerful memory.

kmsd  498Sine then I have wrestled with the questions,  Why? Why is this sweet grandmother I had never met before today able to show me such love? How?

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kmsd  626

I’m finally home.  I’m working on my last post (Day 5) but I wanted to peek in this Monday morning to say that you have touched my life so much this week.  I’m just now reading some of your comments and emails and tweets and texts.  Your kindness to love and pray for me has completely overwhelmed me.  On the way home yesterday, I made a little video for you, that I hope, captures the spirit of the week.

I crawled into bed last night, so grateful for this place I call home.

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When You Know It's Real

Seeing how Compassion works this week has been amazing. Every time I think of one thing they might have overlooked, one area they may not have thought to cover, I find that they’ve covered it and thought beyond to boot.

kmsd  505

Joshua wants to be a chef when he grows up.

Today I’m sharing photos of our visit to a Compassion Center that teaches vocational skills. This is all provided to our Compassion kids as part of being in the program. As they get older, most areas offer the  option of vocational training, which can make a drastic difference in life for these kids.

Image 7

Instead of trying to eek out a living as a street vendor or even prostitution (that was horrifying for me to even type), they have a skill set that will allow them to make a better living – that will enable them to elevate their generation out of poverty.

The center we went to teaches a variety of specialties, including Computer, Cosmetology, and Culinary. When you consider how much these jobs make in the context of this country, you understand the pride in the children’s eyes at getting to go there.

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