It’s week number two during Blog Month, which means it’s time for another assignment.

Add this image to your Pinterest account to point people to your blog.

For some of you, talking about child sponsorship is second nature. You talk about it all the time to your family, your friends, your co-workers, maybe even your cat 🙂

What about to God?

For this week’s assignment we want you to write a letter to God about child sponsorship. And then, post it on your blog 😉 And even consider sending it to your sponsored child when you write him or her this Friday. You know Friday is our online letter-writing party, right?

Try to shed your blogging tone of voice and your Facebook wit. Grab a pen and paper, forget that you’ll be publishing what you write, and get personal.

We are deliberately not giving you any writing prompts because we want to hear how you relate to God.


Remember, if you published a post for the first assignment and you also do so for this assignment, you will get a copy of Jeff Goins’ new book Wrecked to go with You Are a Writer. (Both of these are eBooks). If this is the first assignment you write a post for, you will earn a copy of You Are a Writer.

Trying to remember the rules and giveaways? Go ahead, refresh.

Also, this assignment has a prize! The three bloggers with the best posts (as determined by a panel of Compassion employee judges) will win a copy of Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts (hardback).

IMPORTANT. Really, You Should Read This.

There have been several questions about Blog Month but a few continue to come up so I want to make sure everyone is on the same page.

First of all, you do not need a special referral link for us to track how many sponsorships come through your blog or how much traffic you refer to the Sponsor a Child page. We have internal reports that tell us which sponsorships come from which URLs. So, all you have to do is point people to the Sponsor a Child page from your blog!

Second, notification of prize winners and giveaway recipients will occur on Monday, October 8 via a blog post published on Giveaways will be sent out by the middle of October. So, hold tight during this month!

Also, you do need to email me at [email protected] with the link to your post for each assignment. This is how I know you are eligible for the prize and how I keep track of what giveaways you earn.

Lastly, you are an official Compassion Blogger if you ever filled out the Join the Network form. If you can’t remember doing that, THEN if you received this email (not as a forward) rest assured, you are an official Compassion Blogger.

You all came out the gate with resounding joy and excitement last week! I am beyond encouraged by your hearts for children in poverty and I believe God is being glorified by our joint effort.

837 sponsorships down. 2,271 to go. Can you imagine all those precious children being told they have a sponsor?

Three more weeks…let’s do this.