This image is one that perfectly embodies the work of Compassion. The poverty is there, staring you right in the face, but poverty doesn’t get to be the focal point of this photo. The radiance of this little boy and his toy truck do.

Staring into the photo, can’t you feel this little guy’s joy?

Photos can do that. They are powerful moments in time that connect us. They make us feel something. Photos cause us to act.

Which is why we’d like you to tell a story with photos.

This can be done in a variety of ways. Let us show you several examples from the Compassion Blog and a few of the Compassion Bloggers:

Share someone else’s photos (with permission of course):

Through the Eyes of a Child

Use very few words:

The Definition of Beauty

Or, use one spectacular photo and a few more words:

So You Want to Be a Better Listener

Tell your readers about a special day:

hello color, beauty and light

Show off what you love to do most:

Strawberry Cookies and Cream Cake


for all us hope-ers

Speak about what’s important to you and your family:

Why it’s Worth it to Fight for Rest


Bare your soul:

I Got Sick of Myself

Whatever you decide to create, make it uniquely yours and have fun!