Three Things about One Word

It’s week two of Blog Month. You didn’t waste anytime last week, either. Several submissions have come through! Be encouraged. You are coming alongside bloggers everywhere to help children in poverty.


Assignment 2 of Blog Month:

For assignment two we want you to write three things about one word. Here are some solid suggestions for your one word:

  • hope
  • poverty
  • silence
  • sacrifice

That’s right. Just pick one word. And then write about three aspects of that word. It can be descriptions, misconceptions, ideologies, stories…Approach it how you feel most comfortable.

Get an idea of what this assignment could look like over on our blog.

Then sit down and write.

The first draft doesn’t have to be perfect or flow perfectly. Just write. Then step away. Come back and re-read your draft. Find your angle. It’s there – you might have to hunt for it like I sometimes have to but once you find it, then it’s time to edit.

Your angle is instinctively and clearly tied to your goal. And your goal is to get children sponsored through your post.

A Little Direction

Want in on a little tip? Shaun Groves, leader of the Blogger Trips, gives the trip bloggers this piece of advice when they blog for us: Make a strong ask for sponsorship.

Don’t hide it away as an afterthought at the end of the post. Don’t beat around the bush. Very likely, there is someone reading your post who wants a little nudge and your passion and clear request just might be what gets them to respond.

And don’t be overwhelmed! At the end of the day, your role is to deliver the message. To put the request out there. And God will take it from there 😉

So, it’s time. Read this post as it will inspire and give you an idea of what your post could look like for this assignment.

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