A Conversation with Your Childhood Self

It’s here. September 1 was the official launch of Blog Month. Have you made the commitment to join us as we pursue getting 3,160 children sponsored via the web this month?

We hope so! Need a little inspiration? Watch the Blog Month video on our blog.

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Without further delay. Here is it. Your first writing prompt.

Write a blog post to your childhood self. What words of encouragement do you need to hear?

My advice to you: Take a day. Step back. Reflect. Memory lane is your destination.

This is what I had to do when I wrote for this assignment. You can read my response to get those creative juices flowing:

I walk home in the evening hunched over from the weight of my big backpack, hunched over because of this question I cannot answer – and why does everyone keep asking it?

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Feeling stumped? Talk to your parents, your siblings, your childhood friends, to God.

What was that one little nugget you wish you could impart to your childhood self?

As writers, we don’t want to miss our goal. So keep it in front of you. Write it on a sticky note and place it next to your notebook or laptop. The goal is to get children sponsored.

Your post is the vehicle.

Not feeling it? This year for Blog Month you are not constrained to this writing prompt. If you feel led in another direction, jump on it. You know your voice and you know what story you can tell.

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We are excited for what this week holds! Time to blog.

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