Did you miss it?! The announcement made yesterday over on the blog?

If so, I just wanted to email you and let you know it’s back 🙂

Blog Month.


This year we’re doing things a little different based on feedback we received from you last year. But the goal hasn’t changed, to get more children sponsored and released from poverty.

Last year, Blog Month was such a rush! The community that was created amongst bloggers, the excitement, encouragement, and the beautiful posts. Most importantly, the number of children sponsored!

And nothing made us smile more than the flow of emails we received the day after Blog Month which held one resounding question, “Are we doing Blog Month again next year?”

Why yes, yes we are!

Head over to the blog post now to learn about how Blog Month will run this year and find out about the new prizes (which we are very excited about)!

Are you ready to use your voice on your blog to get more children sponsored this September?! You’re not alone. We’re doing this as a team, a network.

Let’s do this.

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