The team of Compassion Bloggers are officially in Ecuador!


Many beautiful stories are waiting to be discovered this week. Some will make you laugh and if you’re anything like me, a few will make you cry!

There are multiple ways to follow this trip and to get involved this week. First and foremost we need your prayers.


Throughout the week, will you take a few minutes to visit each blog, get to know the team in Ecuador and pray for them? They will especially need your prayers on those late nights of writing.

Please pray for:

Shannan (and her son Calvin)
Ruth (and her son Caleb)
Ashley (and her son Corbett)

And please pray for the people of Ecuador; our staff, the child development center pastors and church workers and the reason all of us do what we do – for the children we want to see released from poverty.

Be Part of the Journey

There are so many ways to share this week’s journey to Ecuador. The challenge is to do just ONE thing every day to share this trip and help lead to more children sponsored!

As you get inspiration from reading posts throughout the day, join us in the evenings and blog. Share your posts on this new Pinterest board created just for Compassion Bloggers!

Other ways you can be part of the journey are,

  • Follow our Twitter stream daily. Retweet one of the bloggers on Twitter.
  • Regram an Instagram photo or video. (I personally use the Repost for Instagram app. It’s easy and free.)
  • Re-pin a pin from this Pinterest board.
  • Use the hashtag #CompassionBloggers on all of your social media posts.
  • Share a post from one of the bloggers on Facebook. You can find new posts from them every day of the trip here.
  • Comment on a blog post. Let the bloggers know you are praying for them and cheering them on!

Release Children From Poverty

Do you remember this page?

250 sponsored children ecudor 2016

Every child who finds a sponsor through the Compassion Bloggers this week and every sponsor who finds a child this week through the Compassion Bloggers trip to Ecuador will be listed on this page — in real time!

Exclusive Print from Ruth Simons!

This gorgeous print from the shop was created exclusively for anyone who decides to sponsor a child with Compassion. You’ll want to go here for more info.


So this week, as you follow with the team in Ecuador, share stories with friends, family and your blog audience. Let them know about this beautiful print. And most especially ask someone to sponsor a child. 🙂