I hope you have packed and are ready for an adventure! Are you already making a mental list?

  • toothbrush
  • safari hat
  • some source of emergency coffee (maybe that’s just on my list?)
  • a desire for little to no sleep (believe me, I’ve been on these trips; sleep is a mythical creature when blogging from the field)

Hold up. That’s right – you don’t need to leave home for this trip! But you are an important part of it. You must come along!

Right now the Compassion Bloggers are traveling to Tanzania. It’s the first Compassion Blog trip of the year and I trust that God has amazing things in store.

Are you ready to travel along?


You might not be on this specific trip but you are a Compassion Blogger. So, what is your role?

  • Follow the Compassion Bloggers who are on the trip.
  • Share about the trip to your audience so they can follow along too.
  • Post the Tanzania blog trip widget to your site.
  • Share the posts that inspire you and write your own blogs about what God is teaching you on this trip.

These Compassion Bloggers will be posting every day as well as sharing captivating pictures and stirring videos.


You are important! Your support of this trip is pivotal and I know you will be an incredible encouragement to the bloggers in Tanzania.

Also, please pray for our fellow bloggers on this trip. Pray for God to inspire their words and to bless them with revelation into what He is doing.

Oh, and, I am sure they would appreciate prayers for restful nights 🙂

Happy blogging!