It’s time to wrap up Blog Month but not without one last effort.

For this assignment, we want you to blog as if you are a sponsored child.

God told us to become like little children. Remember? This assignment is about aligning with the heart of children in poverty.

Write a poem about the sights, sounds and smells of poverty or write a letter to your sponsor, of 13 years or 13 minutes.

Write about your feelings, fears, hopes and dreams, or imagine you’ve switched places with your sponsored child and write about the shock, stress and adjustments you have to make.

You are a child living in extreme poverty. What do you have to say?


Here is the breakdown of giveaways for Blog Month. If you:

  • completed one blogging assignment you will receive a free electronic copy of You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins.
  • completed two blogging assignments you will receive You Are a Writer PLUS Jeff’s newest book, Wrecked. This will also be an ebook.
  • completed three assignments you will receive You Are a Writer, Wrecked AND a copy of Just a Minute (hardback).
  • completed all four blogging assignments and you will receive the first three books PLUS a copy of Michael Hyatt’s new book Platform (hardback).

Remember, the only posts that count toward giveaways are the ones that align with each assignment sent out. And each assignment requires a separate post.


There can be three prizewinners for this assignment. The prizes go to the three bloggers with the best posts as determined by a panel of Compassion employees.

1st prize $100 family gift to your sponsored child
2nd prize $50 family gift to your sponsored child
3rd prize $25 family gift to your sponsored child


Several hundred of you are new to the network, so if this is the first assignment you’ve received from me, here is what you need to know: It’s Blog Month. You can learn all about it now. And, you can participate!

Just a reminder, you have until Sept. 30 to post all assignments for Blog Month (including this one) and to email me the link to your posts at [email protected]. No entries will be eligible for giveaways or prizes after Sept. 30.

Be sure to tune into on Oct. 8 where the winners of the prizes will be announced, along with how many sponsorships were brought in during Blog Month.

As always, you must email the link to your post to receive your giveaway(s) and be eligible for the prize(s). You can email me at [email protected].

Lastly, depending on how many times you blogged, you received giveaways! You will be contacted by mid-October with information on how you will receive your giveaways. It will be like an early Christmas 🙂

This is our fourth and final assignment for Blog Month. Don’t hold back. It’s time to give it all you got.

As of last Friday, we were at 2,006 sponsorships. We have one week to go! Let’s give 1,102 more children the gift of being sponsored this month.

To find out the most recent sponsorship number for every day this week, follow Compassion on Twitter.