To help us better connect with one another, we’ve created a closed Facebook group* where we, as a community, can meet, create new friendships and support one another in our blogging endeavors.

The benefits of this community?

  • Get to know other bloggers
  • Share your blog posts with the community
  • Need a guest blogger? Ask another Compassion blogger to write a post for you.
  • Offer to be a guest blogger
  • Have writer’s block? Get creative by brainstorming with other bloggers.
  • Pass on blogging tips and tricks to others in the community

Blogger Assignment

  1. Join the Compassion Blogger Network Facebook Community.
  2. Introduce yourself to the group. Be sure to share the name and url of your blog!
  3. Have fun!
    While we’ll be posting things we think you will find fun, helpful or interesting this is your space too. Have fun with this community and don’t be shy to post things YOU find fun, helpful or interesting.

*To join this Facebook group you have to be a Compassion Blogger. Not a Compassion blogger? Sign up today!

Blogger Extra

Often children living in poverty feel alone and isolated. But when a child is sponsored, the loneliness and isolation fades. Now, a loving church community replaces what once felt like no one cared.

How has a loving community impacted your life? Share with your readers.