You know what time of year it is? It’s Compassion Sunday time. We are one month away from the official Compassion Sunday date, April 21.

And this year, we have a way people can participate online without having to make any sort of presentation at church or in a small group. It’s a virtual Compassion Sunday.

It’s a chance for you to change the story for one child.


Compassion Blog Assignment: MyCompassionSunday

  1. Commit to getting one child sponsored before April 22.
  2. Create and personalize a page at
  3. Share your sponsorship page with your readers to encourage them to sponsor the child you are advocating for.

If you “Change the Story” for two children by getting them both sponsored, you will earn a $50 family gift for your sponsored child’s family. It’s a win, win, win–for you, your sponsored child’s family and two children in poverty who need sponsors. So maybe that’s four wins?! 🙂

What About a Link-Up?

We’re doing another link-up and blog hop. The last one was a hit, and we enjoyed your posts so much! We hope you had fun sharing and reading posts from your fellow Compassion bloggers.

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The Effectiveness of Child Sponsorship

We have very exciting news about the effectiveness of our sponsorship program that will hopefully make you extra persuasive in your post.

Research on the outcome of child sponsorship will be published in the April 2013 issue of the Journal of Political Economy. Research that was conducted by Dr. Bruce Wydick, professor for the Department of Economics at the University of San Francisco.

This independent research shows that children who participated in Compassion’s holistic child development through the sponsorship program stayed in school longer, were more likely to have salaried or white-collar employment and were more likely to be leaders in their communities and churches than their peers who did not participate in our program.

Visit the Compassion blog to get all the details on this exciting news and then use this information to:

  • Find a sponsor for one child.
  • Educate your readers about the effectiveness of our sponsorship program.

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