There’s lots of great stuff on the Internet that makes us laugh or cry but every once in a while there’s that one photo, or one video that comes along and really grabs your heart.

Like this video. This one grabbed onto my heart and won’t let go…


Many of you have asked us for items you can use to share Compassion on your blog. Videos, photos – something that will inspire writing a blog post, and inspire your readers to sponsor a child. This video is the first of those inspirational resources — making blogging about sweet Judah your assignment this month.

Blog Assignment:

  • Blog about why you sponsor a child with Compassion (or why you are a Compassion Blogger).
  • Share this video in your post.
  • Encourage your readers to share this video in their social media sites.

We hope this video will grab your readers’ hearts like it did ours!

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