It was just last week that I emailed you an assignment and in fact, the contest from that assignment is still running! (But will conclude by end of day today.)

So, why are you hearing from me so soon again? I am reaching out to you on behalf of Fatao.

Fatao is six years old.
He lives in Burkina Faso with his mom, dad and siblings in a home made of rocks and mud.
He likes to play soccer and ride bikes.
He wants to be a mechanic when he grows up, just like his older brother.

Also, Fatao needs heart surgery.

When Fatao turned one it was discovered that he was suffering from a heart problem. The option for treatment was not a possibility for Fatao’s family.


Fatao’s father struggles to provide for his family’s every day needs and his mother sells fritters to help support the family. Getting food on the table for their children is already an overwhelming task; there was no hope for providing for their son’s medical needs.

In December 2010 Fatao was registered at the local church into our Child Sponsorship Program. At his first medical check-up the doctor recommended that Fatao see a cardiologist.

At the appointment with the cardiologist it was confirmed that Fatao had ventricular septal defect – a hole in his heart.

For this surgery, Fatao needs to travel to India.

The total cost of his surgery, including passport, visa, travel, the surgery itself and follow-up care, is $23,000.


We need your help. Please spread the word about Fatao’s heart surgery on your blog. Tweet about it, Facebook about it…make Fatao known.

For more information on Fatao and his family, as well as his condition, please read our post over on the Compassion Blog. And continue to check the blog for updates on Fatao.

Also, follow us on Twitter as we will also be posting updates there (be sure to look for the hashtag #Fatao).


Sadly, Fatao’s parents are not able to travel with him to India for this surgery.  This is a heartbreaking situation and we want to make sure that Fatao receives an overflow of encouragement through his journey to healing.  Therefore, when someone gives online they will have the opportunity to write a letter of encouragement to Fatao and this letter will be read to him before his surgery.

This is an incredible opportunity for the Church to come together and bless Fatao and his family, not only financially but also with the encouragement that we are asked to pour out everyday through the Holy Spirit.

Please keep Fatao and his family in your prayers as you blog for him!