A few months ago, I had a lot on my plate and I wasn’t doing any of it well. I decided to cut a few things out of my schedule, one being my once-a-month commitment to Children’s Ministry. I’ve been teaching Kindergarten Sunday school at our current church for a year and a half, and I just wasn’t “feeling it” any more. During class one day, I decided to give my notice and just work one or two more times.

After class was over, another volunteer approached me and said he liked working with me because he felt like I had a good level of control and authority in class, and kept the kids engaged in the lesson in a fun way. Needless to say, I left feeling quite encouraged and decided not to quit after all. There are other things that I have shaved off my calendar, but I felt like God had spoken to me through this co-volunteer because He didn’t want me to miss out on the blessing of serving these little kiddoes.

From pulling you out of a bad mood to changing the entire trajectory of your life, there is something special about being noticed, when someone sees a hidden treasure in you and takes the time to point it out. Maybe a stranger compliments your talent. Or maybe you’re just having a rough day, so a co-worker leaves you an encouraging note, or a friend brings over your favorite coffee drink.

Writing Prompt:

Has a seemingly small gesture from another person had a big impact on you? Whether it was a friend, family member, or compete stranger, how has God spoken a truth to you that you may not otherwise have been open to?

  • What were your thought patterns prior to this event?
  • How did it feel in the moment? Why did you let it affect you?
  • What small gesture can you make for another person?
  • When have you done something small that meant much more to the recipient than you expected?

Extra credit assignment: Pray and ask God to show you one small thing you can do to bless a different person each day for a week. Write about your experience and what God teaches you through it.