As you write this month, make this a special time between you and God your Father.

Perhaps you’ll want to go to a coffee shop for a writing date with Him. Or, grab a favorite beverage, put on your comfiest clothes and find a quiet place in the house to sit and write.

Writing Prompts

Whatever you choose to do, here’s a few questions to help get you started,

What would the ideal day with your Heavenly Father look like?

Will your adventure with Him include flying? What will the places you explore together look like?

Let your imagination take over and share your father/daughter or father/son day with your blog audience.


If you had an hour alone with God and could ask Him only one question, what would it be?

Would you ask Him about an historical event? Or something more personal?

What would you imagine His response to be? Share that conversation with your audience. Ask them to share their question for God in the comments section of your blog.

And with Father’s Day right around the corner, I though this would make a special ‘extra’ writing prompt,

Blogger Extra

What’s that one day or one moment with your earthly father that stands out? Share it with your blog audience and give a shout out to dad for Father’s Day.

Speaking of shout out, here’s a fun video we created as a shout out to dads and to the kids who need a dad in their life.

This video is one of a series of three and you can view the others here and here. Feel free to share any or all of them on your blog.