Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning to a completely foreign world. You and your sponsored child have switched places for the day. Write from your own perspective or your child’s, as your character tries to adapt to a totally unfamiliar culture for twenty-four hours. Whom do you encounter? What do you see, hear, smell, feel? How does it feel to wake up to your “normal” world the next day?


What are the biggest surprises you find?

What do you learn that you cannot live without?

How does it change your perspective about God?

What is the most important lesson you learn?


If you’ve never been to a developing country or need some ideas, feel free to use these resources: Compassion’s YouTube channel has lots of videos that will give you a feel for what life is like for sponsored children. Check out more

on the countries where we work. Here are some stories about the lives of our sponsored children.