Since it’s almost Thanksgiving, my kids and I are studying the pilgrims’ first year in America. From the moment they set off in the Mayflower through their first summer in the New World, life for the pilgrims was really, really hard. So many people got sick and died during the voyage and their first winter, and the survivors had to work hard all day, every day to build homes and plant food, only pausing to worship God on Sundays.

But thanks to the strong relationships that they built with the Native Americans, the Pilgrims were able to establish a thriving community, and come Autumn, they were able to prepare and enjoy a three-day feast with their new friends in thanksgiving to the God who had brought them through.

This month, your assignment is to write your post through the lens of someone who has just passed from a season of want or struggle and entered a time of plenty. It could be a story about the pilgrims, or a Compassion-sponsored child, or a real event in your life.

What do you notice about yourself as your circumstances change?

What might you have taken for granted had you not gone through the struggle?

How can your experience help someone else who is currently going through dark times?

We are eager to see what God has to say through your blogs this month! Happy blogging, and happy Thanksgiving!