We have said it before and will keep saying it,

We are more than a blogger network. We are a community of voices for vulnerable children living in poverty. A community that loves Jesus, encourages others and has a great sense of humor.

And that was never more evident than in these past few weeks.

As a ministry, Compassion offers many opportunities for us to keep rallying as a community and help more children find sponsors, or help raise funds for things like safe water and malaria nets.

So for this month’s writing prompt let’s stick with our community’s momentum and write about and share one of these opportunities with your blog audience, friends and family.

Compassion Sunday

Held every year, Compassion Sunday brings the Compassion family together to make more people aware of the needs of children living in poverty. This year Compassion Sunday will be held on April 24 but really this is something you can write about on your blog at any time.

Act for Compassion

One of the newest ways to share Compassion with your blog audience, friends and family is Act for Compassion! Currently Act for Compassion is focused on Brazil but that will expand soon. This is a great new peer-to-peer fundraising platform. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Vintage Pearl

Vintage Pearl is partnering with Compassion for the month of February to help provide safe drinking water for children in poverty. Let one of these images inspire a blog post and share the benefits of Compassion Water of Life for families around the world.

Vintage Pearl White

Compassion Bloggers We Love Pinterest Board

Pinterest has always been about community and we thought it was about time for our blogger community to have their own board! If you are on Pinterest, we want you to be part of this new little community space — to collaborate with other bloggers and to share your love for children in poverty with others on Pinterest.