Canadian airline WestJet headed to the Dominican Republic this year granting Christmas wishes for families living in poverty. Their video was very touching.

Being advocates for children in poverty – including children in the Dominican Republic — we can see the “back-story” of the men, women and children in this video, can’t we?

They represent the faces of our sponsored children and their families. And we know a fixed motor for a taxi driver means more than a wonderful Christmas gift. It means the man who received it can earn an income, and feed his family.

Blogger Assignment

Every gift has a story attached to it. Why it was given. What the gift meant to the person who received it.

This Christmas, share a story on your blog – real or imagined — related to an item in our gift catalog.

Here’s a couple of examples for you,

  • Tell your readers about your first Bible. Tie in the importance of a Bible to a child in poverty.
  • Make up a silly story about the chicken who asked Jesus for a friend. Download this fun video of Ney feeding his chickens and include it in your post.
  • Share about the birth of Christ. How a young mom and her little family relied on strangers for help. Relate this story to the needs of babies and moms around the world.
  • Don’t forget to link to the gift catalog from your Christmas story.