It’s time to get this party started. The #itsaboutgiving party, of course!

#ItsAboutGiving kicked-off yesterday and over the next 19 days I will be sending out three assignments all about giving.

This is officially the first assignment. Your role is vital.


#ItsAboutGiving is all about painting a complete picture of giving this holiday season-the tastes, sounds, feelings, colors and associations we have with giving.

We’re asking you to tweet, post pictures on Instagram, pin, update your Facebook status and of course blog about giving.

For your first post, write about what the phrase “Its About Giving” means to you.

Include your family, neighbors, and friends as you embark on this assignment. Ask them, and yourself. Get them thinking and talking too.

  • What was a gift you gave that was received with joy and deep appreciation. What effect did that have on you?
  • Why do you give? What is the root behind the desire to give?
  • What have you learned from our culture about giving?
  • What have you learned from the Bible about giving?

You have a blank canvas. And we want to hear from you. What do you have to say?

What is #ItsAboutGIving All About? 

As mentioned above, #ItsAboutGiving is about painting a complete picture of giving, but it’s also about raising $20,000 for children in poverty this Christmas season.

Every day between now and Dec. 22 that we receive at least $1,000 to the Compassion Christmas Gift Catalog via the Compassion Bloggers network, we will randomly select one blogger (it could be you!) from the network to earn a $50 child gift for his or her sponsored child.

We’re coming full circle with giving this season!

How do we plan to bring in $1,000 from the Compassion Bloggers network? We need you to link to the catalog from your blog posts. Link from your tweets and your Facebook posts. AND you must use this URL:  (

Just copy and paste it wherever you intend to put it.)

We’re also using our social media channels to put some paint on this giving canvas. This includes contests we’re conducting on Pinterest and Instagram. Read yesterday’s blog post, 20 Days About Giving, to get the details.

Along with the writing assignment, you have the option to join in and participate in the Pinterest #itsaboutgiving board contest. 

Here is how it works:

  • Between now and Dec. 22 create a Pinterest board titled “It’s About Giving” and tag us (@compassion) so we know the board exists.
  • On the board you create, repin this contest announcement and then show us what giving is. Pin anything that is relevant to your interpretation of the phrase “It’s About Giving” on this board you create.
  • We will repin our favorite pins of yours and randomly select 10 winners to earn a $50 gift for their sponsored child.

To learn about all the other ways we are painting a complete picture of giving this holiday season, read our blog post.  We’re asking you to tweet, post pictures on Instagram, pin, and update your Facebook status.

We want the picture to be painted by you.


  • Send me the link to your blog post about what the statement “It’s About Giving” means to you. You can email it to me at [email protected].
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #itsaboutgiving whenever you talk about the campaign. Use it in your blog post. Use it on Twitter. Use it on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Help children in poverty this holiday season by mentioning the Christmas Gift Catalog in your posts and social media channles and be sure to use this exact link: (Just copy and paste.)

God has created us all so uniquely in our thinking, our personality, our talents and therefore, also in our giving.

I greatly anticipate reading about what giving means to you. And in the process I am rejoicing, knowing that little ones close to His heart will be the recipients of gifts this holiday season. 20,000 incredible gifts.

(Download the complete contest rules to get a full explanation on how you can win $50 for your sponsored child.)

Note: If you are not a Compassion Blogger, you can sign-up here to receive these assignments via email. It’s super easy.