Caitlin Jane is a Compassion Artist and new member of the Blogger Network. When visiting her sponsored child in the Dominican Republic she was inspired to write the song, Sing Over Us. It is a life-giving tribute to her sponsored child!

As sponsors we all get inspired to write — to write stories about the children we sponsor and share them with the world. But what was that one thing that first inspired you to sponsor a child?

Blogger Assignment — What Inspires You?

For this assignment, write a blog post that tells a story about what inspired you to become a sponsor. If you do not sponsor a child, blog about what inspired you to use your voice on your blog for children in poverty?

Here are some simple ideas to help you get started,

Inspired by words?

What’s that one song lyric, book or famous quote that, when you read it you knew you had to sponsor a child?

Inspired by a loved one?

Who is the person (friend, family, church member) who said or did something to inspire you to become a sponsor or blog for Compassion?

Inspired by God?

Is there one particular verse or verses in the Bible that inspired you to become an advocate for children living in poverty?

Blogger Assignment Extra

Inspired by Sing Over Us? Embed Caitlin Jane’s video in a blog post and share it with your readers. Invite them to sponsor a child.